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What Does/Should a DJ Do?

What does a Wedding DJ do?

I’ll be the first to tell you that you do not need a Wedding DJ for ALL WEDDINGS. Some weddings don’t need a DJ because the expectations of the wedding don’t call for it. So the question first is, what does a Wedding DJ do?

- Transform. Wedding DJs, at least the good ones, transform EXPECTATIONS to REALITY. Here’s an example. A lot of our clients book us because we do “FUN Weddings”. This is part of their expectations. So we ask them for all of their expectations through an exercise at our consultations. To have fun wedding, it needs to be fun for both the Newlyweds as well as (and just as importantly) those attending the wedding! I’ll say it again, because it’s really important, to have a _____ wedding, it needs to be _____ for both the newlyweds and those attending the wedding. You can’t have fun if you’re waiting three hours for pictures to wrap up so you can eat. You just can’t. A good DJ transforms expectations into your dream wedding.

- Transition. It’s pretty easy to pull up a playlist on Spotify or Pandora and let the music play. Boom! You’re a DJ right? Maybe. But I would ask, how are you going to transition from toasts to cake cutting? Seriously, walk through that transition in your head in detail. An experience DJ will ensure that the transition goes as smooth as possible. They remind the Bride and Groom to do their Thank you’s (because they wanted to but forgot at the moment). Then the (great) DJ plays some music following the Thank you’s and tells everyone to grab a cocktail and to get ready for the cake cutting. They remind everyone of the hashtag the Bride and Groom wanted used. They make sure they are on time. Transitions are important. Without them, the Wedding is clunky and choppy. These transitions are important, because the difference from a good DJ to an AMAZING DJ, is made in part by these transitions.

- Timing. This goes hand in hand with preparation. At Boise Mobile DJ, we go through timelines with all of our clients, even if they work with Coordinators. Why? Because timing is up to us. Can’t start the 1st Dance if the DJ can’t find the right song! Can’t do the toasts if the mic isn’t working. We may hear the “OK, start” but nothing starts without the DJ. They are the event producers, performers and hosts (MC). So we go through timelines with our clients and go through each detail (transition) and then we make sure that timeline is doable. By that, I mean that NO WEDDING EVER GOES AS PLANNED. So you need contingencies. You need some buffer time because the caterer needs an extra 20 minutes because of _______. So we plan, knowing things won’t go perfectly, so everything appears to run smooth and those attending are none the wiser. Everything was just perfect to those attending, but it always is different than planned. So, timing is important. Both planning for it, and executing it to stay on schedule. At Boise Mobile DJ, we plan, we execute and we meet or exceed our clients expectations. We do that because that what we feel a DJ should provide. You may not need to work with someone as involved, but our clients love working with us, our reviews show that.

Message us today and schedule a consultation. We’ll help you and then let you decide who you’d like to book with. See what a difference working with an amazing DJ does.

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