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David Dickman

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The day I decided that I was going to be a DJ changed the trajectory of my life forever.  Three months after that day I was hired as Resident DJ at The Balcony Club. Nine months after that, I was Resident DJ at China Blue.  One year after that, I was hired as the Night Show host ("Radio Personality") at Magic 93.1 fm.  I got to host the "Hot 9 at 9" countdown show that I listened to growing up. In all, I racked up 4 years in Radio, most recently hosting the Morning Show on MY102.7 fm before parting ways with radio for good. But the DJing never stopped.  I've DJ'd more nightclubs than I can recall, shared stages with amazingly talented artists, and I had a whole lot of fun in radio, but none of that filled my cup like weddings do.  Sure, weddings are way more work, pressure and effort, but I'll take it every day of the week.  I found what I love, and that makes me a lucky guy.  


   I love the planning, the anticipation, the stress, the vows, the speeches and the dances.  I love the sincere thank you's I get at the end at each night from the Bride and Groom, especially when they're a bit tipsy. lol.  I love the thank you emails and texts I get on anniversaries.  I love what I do and I'm doing my best work.

David is married, has a daughter Emerson, two mini-golden doodles LuLu and Leo, and loves all things outdoors.  His favorite hobby is training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with Yoga being his close second favorite.  


Freddy Beck

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Freddy is a full time DJ with Boise Mobile DJ as well as holding residency at a local nightclub in Downtown Boise.  He is the premier event DJ for Boise Mobile DJ and is widely recognized by his raw talent.   

Freddy exceeds in event logistics, technical DJ ability, and in problem solving.  He's cool under pressure - as no weddings go according to plan, ever - and has high expectations for executing each and every event he is a part of to client's expectations.  

Freddy DJ'd more weddings in his first two years at Boise Mobile DJ than David did in his first 6 years of DJing. He has an incredible amount of experience and is highly sought after due to references from events.  He's no stranger to large stages as he's DJ'd televised World Record Breaks attempts, DJ'd for +1300 students for Bronco Welcome at Boise State, and that's all on top of the nightclubs he is asked to Guest DJ. 

When Freddy is not DJing, he's walking his dog with his headphones on while looking forward to the next concert he's bought tickets for (or is opening as a DJ).